The Art of Bespoke Interiors & Artisan Furnitures

Individuality is at the heart of any luxury property and one of the most successful ways of achieving this is through bespoke interiors. Including pieces that are stunningly crafted and designed by talented artisans to suit your space can create an ambience that’s all their own.

Although bespoke is very often the best choice for interiors, there are some wonderful luxury furnishings on the market that can be customised to suit your space. Sometimes, we tailor existing designs only very slightly. For instance, our hand-painted Earthenware Zebra Pot was customised by our Artist in Residence - employing traditional and environmentally aware based methods of whitewash and lime painting to create the precise look we were looking for. 

When you get something bespoke, you aren’t just getting something unique, the piece also comes with a story. Bespoke items are usually designed and made by hand from hand picked materials that are stitched, carved, sculpted and finished by artisans. Although the time and work involved in creating bespoke pieces far exceeds customised and off-the-shelf items, the end result is without a doubt superior. This level of detail and the approach behind it is a key part of our thoughtful luxury philosophy and helps us to deliver exceptional results for our discerning clients.

As the desire for the rare and exceptional grows, the demand for bespoke interiors will undoubtedly follow, making it an even more fundamental ingredient to delivering finest homes. For Shop Charlies Interiors, it's simply part of the day job.