Behind The Collections: Sustainability in Design

Outfitting your home can be a daunting task, especially when looking for ethically made and environmentally sustainable staples. Shop Charlies Interiors employs materials harvested from sustainable resources, focuses on fair trade and responsible production practices.

Take a look at our sustainable collections that are positively affecting our planet and finding huge commercial success in the process.


Prepared by local villagers and and local artisans, our Raw Collection comes authenticated by the very ash on the base of each vessel, truly hand made with every perfect imperfection visible in the detail. Wild dessert clay is collected and prepared, once ready it is formed by using coil method. The finished earthenware is then pit-fired in the desserts of India. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, with a protective custom finish included if purchased for the outdoors.


Seeking only the very best local artists and village craftspeople, our search often leads us to isolated villages and remote tribal communities. Our range of Temple products are handmade by local artisans using recycled timbers, repurposed woodwork and forgotten, ancient wood carvings to create our sideboards, bookshelves and woodwork artefacts. Every Temple product is unique, handcrafted and finished to reflect its origins.


While travelling through the villages and desserts of India the one constant sight by the roadside were the ever-burning fires. Providing a place to cook, eat and come together these fires are the centre of family life. The hand cast metal plates, beaten into shape by traditional techniques taught from one generation to the next are much more than simply fire vessels - they are the essence of family. Our Forged Collection comes with an added feature of drainage holes at the base for varied purposes, perfect for backyards as fire pits or tree and fern planters.


Unique to Shop Charlies Interiors, the Zahra Collection takes the form of hand-painted earthenware pots for indoor and outdoor use. Bold designs are painted in natural lime wash and wear over time in relation to the environmental factors that the pot is exposed to.

Once your Zahra has reached its desired aged appearance you may place it indoors to protect the finish or request our artist-in-residence to create a completely new custom design. Our artist will travel to your location in Australia, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to update the look and feel of your space.


Combining our Sydney-based artist-in-residence's talent, we've added lime wash detailing and a splash of unique design to enhance the Sphere Collection. These items have been hand carved by local artisans to authentically reproduce traditional designs. Finished in metal decorative details and individual carvings these are a faithful representation of local skills and artistry. 


The Ships of Sheba Collection brings together a wide range of products that represent authentic artisan craftsmanship and tradition from around the globe. Ships of Sheba Collections are not your typical factory made items. Stunning hand-crafted original artworks, intricate jewellery, boldly coloured bags, clothing and textiles are made by women in local villages using recycled woods and fabrics.