Our Story

  • Founder — Charlie Puchala

    Inspired by the creativity and craftsmanship of talented artisans that Charlie has encountered on her travels far and wide across the globe, she combined her passions of design, travel and sustainable production to bring Shop Charlies Interiors to life.

    She takes an active role in supporting the growth of local artists and craftspeople by showcasing their creations to a global audience through Shop Charlies Interiors. Her eclectic style and insatiable curiosity drives her creative journey of discovery.

  • We are Global Citizens

    We ensure that our products are sourced and produced in an ethical, sustainable manner, and that we make a positive contribution to society and the environment. We respect and value diversity and are knowledgeable of and work against social injustices, and participate in creative communities across the world who share our vision.

  • We support anti-slavery

    With over 40 million people living in slavery globally we unanimously support all initiatives that will lead to fair working conditions for all. We operate to strict guidelines that our suppliers must meet with complete transparency, so that our customers have peace of mind that their purchase is supporting the original maker.

  • We contribute to cottage industry

    Traditional cottage industries and handicrafts continue to play an important role in the economies of many countries, often being the only available means to provide additional employment and raise the standard of living for the community. From groups of village weavers in the Italian hills to roadside potters in the Indian lowlands, we form progressive and meaningful partnerships.

  • We employee local artists + craft makers

    It is our pleasure to discover, collaborate and promote the work of many talented Australian artists and artisans across the world. It is their commitment to their craft that results in objects of beauty for our customers enjoyment. We join them on their creative journey and support their growth.

  • We humbly serve our customers

    We go the extra mile to make our customer experience seamless and satisfying. Our team is genuinely interested in how our customers engage and experience our products. By understanding our customers needs we can better serve them and enhance their lifestyle.

  • We are grateful + thankful

    Our business brings together people from across the globe, building strong relationships and helping us to understand more about the lives and challenges faced by others. We are grateful that our products bring enjoyment to our customers lives and help to support the artisans who make them. We are thankful for this opportunity to connect and contribute in a positive way for the greater good.

  • We care for our environmental footprint

    We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations through innovation and efficiency. Our approach is to develop products that reduce both environmental impacts and costs. This approach also extends to our supplier network and partners. We are committed to slow fashion, minimising waste generated as well as reusing and recycling to save energy, water, carbon emissions and landfill space.