Curated Objects Around The World

With the philosophy of a "Global Citizens" viewpoint, we have and will continue to travel the world in search of authentic craftsmanship and individually sourced artisanal products to share passionately to our current generation.

Drawn in by the raw content of craftsmanship and finely hand-applied finishes of artisans who have been skilled through traditional methods passed down from generation to generation, Shop Charlies Interiors instantly knew this was the trade market it wanted to support as well as showcase to the global market.

From various trade shows in Asia, to the creative hidden pockets of Europe including the isolated villages and tribes in India, it is fair to say Shop Charlies Interiors has been successful in sourcing and collaborating with talented artisans, as well as providing the lifestyle and design market with a variety of handcrafted items including art, jewellery, homewares, and styling guides.

One of our current best-sellers has been the CAM (Creatively Active Minds) hand-painted porcelain soap dispensers. Not only are these soap dispensers whimsical and eye catching but they are also designed as part of a set that embodies quality and poetic beauty. Like any other unique items, these are also limited in quantity.

It is very refreshing to hear people bringing life and vibrancy to globally curated pieces in imaginative ways and we love seeing our items enter new homes. As a company that supports both local and global artisanal products, our search for seeking only the best has created an amazing connection and partnership with the world, where it is no longer enough that an item is just a beautiful piece but  to also know who made it and where it came from. That’s the real beauty in it.