Our Favourite Interior Design Trends for 2022

When taking prompts from current interior design trends to update your home, there’s an opportunity to make sustainable choices. Shop Charlies Interiors sources beautiful products made by talented artisans all over the world. With social and environmental justice in mind, we support the growth of craftspeople by showcasing their goods to the world.

For an interior to be truly sustainable, it must have a long lifespan. It’s easy to treasure your things once you know who made them and where they came from, as you’ll naturally care about them for longer. Choose fashion-proof items wisely for your interior, and arrange them to abide by the interior design trends 2022 has brought about. 

We’re highlighting the pieces that suit this year’s trending interior design styles. Every one of them is unique and stunning, and each supports talented Australian artists and artisans across the globe. Here are the interior design trends of 2022 and the products that work best with them. 


Thanks to consumers considering the stories behind each product, sustainability is more a mainstay principle than an interior design trend, and it’s always been at the heart of Shop Charlies Interiors. Throughout your home, have items that have been created without harming people or the environment. Come home to a soulful space, with each purchased item having supported the growth of artists and makers worldwide.

Slow living is a concept that’s taken up popularity in the last few years, and it’s here to stay. Let your home reflect this with items that don’t just look amazing, but they’ve also contributed positively to the global society and the environment.

Maximalism, bold colours & patterns

A nod to art deco interior design trends, maximalism is fun, homely, and full of global treasures. You can absolutely pair a sage green armchair with a large statement pink decorative parrot on a stand and some interesting ceramic wall art. Eclecticism is celebrated, patterns and textures clash, and bright colours are no longer off-limits. 

You can also incorporate this trend in smaller doses with a centrepiece in every room, such as a vibrant heritage décor art vase in the dining area and a striking ceramic animal and floral print side table in the living area. Maximalism, when done well, tastefully curates clashing prints and colours and statement pieces like art and sculptures

Organic shapes & natural materials

The minimal, organic interior design trend is timeless, relaxed, contemporary, and clean. Natural textures and materials and organic shapes soften the minimal aesthetic. We adore this earthy trend for all areas, especially for the kitchen, bathroom, living, and outdoor spaces. 

Not everything needs to be bright and light for this trend, though. Contrasting a darker colour will create an immersive depth, inviting rest. Our Clayton Bedside Tables in black marble and wood with rounded edges celebrate craftsmanship and refinement, adding instant luxury to a bedroom. 

For organic spaces, current colour trends in interior design include calming neutrals to provide an understated backdrop for artisanal crafted and one-of-a-kind pieces. For your living area or entryway, embrace the beauty of a simply and elegantly designed vase in organic white and cream or a stoneware pot vase housing a bouquet of dried blooms.


The tablescape trend has us setting our tables with pieces from global creatives. When choosing cutlery, dishes, and beautifully-crafted centrepieces, then character with functionality is key.

You could go either way, following the latest interior design trends mentioned above. Opt for organic platters to keep with the natural, minimal trend, or celebrate the maximalist trend by collecting strikingly unique tableware that functions as a great dinner party talking point. Fruit and candles are classic centrepieces, and so our white candleholders combine the best of both worlds, adding a quirky, playful touch to your tablescape.

Shopping sustainably and mindfully doesn’t mean sacrificing the interior design trends you’ve fallen for. Shop Charlies Interiors strikes the perfect balance of on-trend and sustainable design. Take a look at our homeware range today!